Luke Strand

Campfire cuddles under the stars.

Gooey marshmallows and chocolate bars.

Pale flesh exposed to the cold night.

Skinny dipping in the moonlight.

Late night revelations.

From contingent conversations.


That night in the park

At the summer concert

I was too nervous to touch you

But when the lights went out

And the fireworks went off

And everyone was looking up

We held each other.

My First Date (last summer)

We ended up on top of my house looking up at the sky. 

I hadn’t touched anyone since I was a kid, so when he asked me to lay on top of him I was hesitant, but I did. It felt excruciatingly awkward at first, but that feeling quickly faded as I let my whole body relax into his.

It was an amazing feeling, just to be able to touch someone else. It was like a huge weight was lifted in that moment. The anxiety that had crippled me growing up was cured simply, by someone letting me in. 

(Source: thefrozenmoon)